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The results of the republican forum “Specialist-graduate-student”

The event ended with a message from forum participants, where the youth spoke about the goals and objectives, as the main engine of development of the country.

The forum were concluded by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Zhubanov University Bibigul Abenova: “About 300 students took part in today’s forum, in 4 working sections. Case decisions, debates, discussions were held. Students received interesting proposals that we will try to implement in the future,” said she. Bibigul Seilovna also noted that the university had applied for the acquisition of 20 innovative specialties.

At the end of the forum, certificates for active participation in the forum were presented to 12 representatives of educational institutions of the country. Also within the framework of the forum, were noted the winners of the recently held regional debate tournament. Pupils of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School Diana Kaiyrzhan and Aktilek Skakova now have the opportunity to enter the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Zhubanov University and study at a discount for the whole academic year.

In the framework of the “Year of Youth”, one of the ideas of which is to provide young people of Kazakhstan with quality education, the university scales its work on the issue of dual education in universities.

For today, in accordance with the market demand, 55 educational trajectories for 28 specialties have been introduced into the educational process of the Zhubanov University. Within the framework of the University-School project, 47 branches have been opened in oblast schools. The elements of dual education in 30 specialties were introduced, 37 subjects are held at 29 production bases. There is a process of revising the increase in loans and the conditions of teaching practice. In the specialties “Physics”, “Mathematics”, “Computer Science”, “Biology”, “Chemistry” and “Defectology”, were opened multilingual groups, in which 32 students receive education.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova