Monday, September 25, 2023
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The conference “Model of UN”

Within the framework of the “Study-Share” project together with the Nazarbayev Intellectual School, at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Zhubanov University was held a conference of the United Nations Model with the participation of 30 schools. At the conference, was discussed the topic “Internet: privacy and freedom of expression!”

Experts at this session were representatives of Senior Expert Servise Helga Fisher and teacher of NIS from Kenya David Mitya.

The conference was held in several stages, at the end they summed up the results and provided a resolution. All participants were awarded certificates. The best of them were awarded with diplomas in various nominations.

The United Nations model is a synthesis of a scientific conference and role-playing game, during which students and high school students in several UN official languages reproduce the work of the organs of this Organization, acquire

diplomatic, leadership, oratorical and language skills and the ability to come to a compromise.

“Model United Nations Club” or “United Nations Model” originates in the USA, students of American colleges began to model the work of the US Senate. Further, when international organizations appeared, they began to model their activities. The oldest UN model was held at Harvard in 1953. Now similar models (mainly UN models) have spread around the world: from Great Britain and France to China and Egypt. One of the main models in Europe is the European International Model UN in The Hague (TEIMUN).