Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Akbota’s new award

A final year student majoring in “Music Education” of Professional and Creative faculty Akbota Tazhimaganbetova shows her talent by frequent participation in various song contests. She is sure that it helps her to perfect her professionalism.

Today Akbota has returned to the University with a new award in a singing competition.

She has taken the first place in “Bekir – Sazger, Otezhan — Akyn” competition devoted to the 90th anniversary of Bayganin district where she performed the song by B. Tazhibayev “Sogystyn songy eni” (“The last song of the war”). The event was organized by the center of youth resources of Bayganin district.

In the first round of the competition the participants recited U. Nurgaliyev’s verses, and in the second one they sang songs by B. Tazhibayev.

For this competition A. Tazhzhimaganbetova was trained by her teacher, the famous Aktobe maestro Marat Aytimov.