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The university’s building is named after outstanding scientist

Today is the birthday scientist Mukhtar Arynov, he is turning of 83 years.

The name of the honorary citizen of our people, statesman, teacher Mukhtar Galievich is well known in Aktobe. He was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR, for several years he served as the rector of Aktobe Pedagogical Institute and left behind him an invaluable spiritual heritage.

The name of the great man, who made an invaluable contribution to the development of Aktobe Pedagogical Institute and left an indelible mark on history, was given today to the main building of Zhubanov University. It should be noted that the assignment of the names of prominent figures of the republic to the audiences, cabinets and buildings of the university has become a good tradition.

“At the meeting of the Academic Council of Zhubanov University, it was decided to assign the name of Mukhtar Galievich Arynov to the main building of the university. As it is known, today the educational building on Grishin Street is named after Nurpeis Bayganin, the building on Turgenev Street is named after Bekezhan Sulemenov. And the main academic building of the university will now be named after the rector of the pedagogical institute Mukhtar Arynov,” said rector Zhubanova Bauyrzhan Erdembekov at a solemn event. Also, the head of the university noted that the process of assigning the names of prominent personalities to educational buildings will be continued, because this is a good example for young people.

A veteran teacher Konstantin Tskhai told about the lifepath of the enlightener Mukhtar Galievich. “Giving the name of a great scientist to a school building is a propaganda of the heritage of the true founder of science, which he left to today’s students. This is a high honor to the teacher-scientist who educated students as his children and contributed to the development of Aktobe Pedagogical Institute. We, my colleagues and I, are proud to have worked together with such a talented scientist, ” said Konstantin Valentinovich.

The event was attended by contemporaries, students and colleagues of Mukhtar Arynov, who honored the memory of a scientist in the round table on the topic “Mukhtar Arynov- eternal star”.

Arynov Mukhtar Galiyevich from 1983 until the end of his life was the rector of Aktobe Pedagogical Institute. Being a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, he participated at the IX session in the discussion and adoption of the first Constitution of independent Kazakhstan; laws “About Language”, “About Higher Education”.

In 1971, Mukhtar Arynov created a textbook for students “A Short Grammar of the German Language.” In 1986 – the textbook “Grammar (morphology) of the German language.” In 1996 he published the book “Bes Anyz”, written by him on the basis of national philosophy, didactic, ethnographic and ethno-linguistic documents. In 1989, he was the initiator of the creation of the republican society “Kazakh tili”, where he was the first chairperson. Contributed to the creation of schools in the national language. One of the schools opened by him, in the village of Kargaly, Aktobe, now bears his name.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekobva