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Philologists celebrate Maslenitsa (Pancake Week)

Lecturers of the department of Russian Philology and Cross-cultural Communication of Philological Faculty held a number of events devoted to one of ancient Russian holidays — Maslenitsa at all faculties of the University within the Russian language classes.

As believed, Maslenitsa, is the most cheerful national holiday. Thus, at the Pancake week celebrations organized by third-year students majoring in “Russian language and Literature at schools with non-Russian language of training” under the leadership of the curator T.A. Sadretdinova were very successful. The guests were pleased with fascinating stories about the history Maslenitsa celebration, cheerful competitions, dances, riddles. At the end of the holiday all guests were invted for a tea-party and a tasty treat – pancakes with jam, caviar, sour cream.

Within discipline “The Russian folklore” lecturer of the department Spivak-Lavrova I.I. also organized a “Wide Maslenitsa” action with students of the first course of Philological faculty. The students explained that the word “Maslenitsa” comes from the Russian custom of making pancakes. This tradition is connected with desire of people to attach the sun, to persuade it to warm the frozen earth by means of pancakes. A round pancake was sacrificial bread — a gift to pagan gods. Since ancient times Pancake Week has been famous for nourishing and plentiful food. The main dish of the holiday is pancakes which are especially tasty at Maslenitsa.

At the Faculty of Economy and Law students of the first course majoring in “Accounting and Audit” prepared interesting reports about the holiday, made a small performance, sang Russian national songs, and finally laid a festive table with pancakes under the guidance of lecturers Abdullina N.U. and Khvostova Yu.V.