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National Rating

For 2019 the rating of Kazakhstani universities was published on the site of IAAR (Republic of Kazakhstan). In universities’ general ranking (NAAR) Aktobe Regional State University named after K. Zhubanov took 4th place, and in the areas of education : “Education” – 3rd place; “Natural Sciences” – 3; “Humanities” – 5; “Art” – 6; “Social Sciences” – 9; “Economy and business” – 8 and “Technical sciences and technologies” – 10th place.

According to the results of the ranking of educational programs, 27 specialties of the university took the leading positions, the positions of all specialties that took part in the ranking are given in the following table.

Congratulations !!!

Collectives of specialties that occupy leading positions in the national ranking of demand for universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as teachers of ARSU named after K. Zhubanov, are included in the TOP-50 of the best teachers of universities in Kazakhstan.

Accreditation and Rating Department

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova