Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Representatives of KazSEE at Zhubanov University

Today at Zhubanov University was held a seminar on the issues of conducting and organizing a specialized accreditation procedure at the agency of the Kazakhstan Engineering Education Association KazSEE.

The event was organized in order to familiarize with the standards of the accreditation agency and explain how to compile self-assessment reports. The workshop was held by KazSEE agency manager Esbol Omirzhanov. He spoke about the educational program and its objectives, as well as the content of the program.

The seminar was attended by teachers and department heads who implement the following educational programs of the university: “5В070900- Metallurgy”, “5В070500-Mathematical and computer modeling”, “5В072000-Chemical technology of inorganic substances”, “5В072100-Chemical technology of organic

substances”, “5В090100 -Organization of traffic and operation of transport”, “6M070900-Metallurgy”, “6M072100-Chemical technology of organic substances”.

Teachers of each specialty received useful information. They were given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss current issues.

At the end of the seminar, all participants were awarded certificates.