Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Acceptance of documents for the grant began

This Saturday was hot not only because of the temperature records, the admission Committee of the University worked in a strengthened mode. Today began the reception of documents for participation in the competition for to receive a state educational grant.

There were many people willing to get a chance for free education. However, the admissions Committee of the University Zhubanov prepared for the influx of students in advance. “Throughout the year we informed the population. I must say that today many people already know how to choose educational groups, how to mark the code of the University, come prepared. Those who have questions, representatives of the University, Vice-rectors, members of the selection Committee explain everything on the spot. For reception of documents we involved about 40 technical secretaries who work in 2 halls”, – the head of Department of vocational guidance of K.Zhubanov ARSU told Zhamilya Idieva.

According to performed by Zhamilya Idieva, documents for the state educational grant can be submitted until July 20 inclusive and the probability of receiving a grant does not depend on time of registration, as the contest will start only after the official closing of General Republican base in the evening of 20 July.

This year, more than 50 thousand grants have been allocated for training undergraduate programs in Kazakhstan. Contender for one of them Lyazzat Alamanova came from Kandyagash: “I passed a special exam to enter the teaching profession, I want to be a teacher of mathematics. Today I passed the documents for the grant, there were no difficulties, everything was organized, now I hope for good luck,” the entrant shared.

For the convenience of students admission Committee of Zhubanov University from 13 to 20 July will work seven days a week and breaks from 8:30 to 18:00.