Friday, June 2, 2023
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Additional educational grants

The acceptance of documents for state educational grants is over. According to the MES, approximately August 1 will be known the names of the grant holders. This year, more than 50 thousand Kazakhstanis will be able to get free higher education.

However, those who will do not receive a grant, but belong to socially vulnerable categories of citizens, can submit their applications starting from August 5. Applications for additional educational grants will be accepted until August 25.

According to the Minister of education of Kazakhstan Ashat Aimagambetov, in the 2019-2020 academic year by the government of Kazakhstan will allocate an additional 5 thousand grants for children from large families and recipients of targeted social assistance. The main condition: it should be applicants who have passed the UNT and scored on its results in national universities — at least 65 points in the direction of “pedagogical sciences” — at least 60 points in other universities — at least 50 points.

As for our region, 180 grants have been allocated for graduates from large families and recipients of targeted social assistance (139 – pedagogical sciences, 15 – information and communication technologies, 10 – engineering, manufacturing and construction industries, 16-agriculture and bioresources). In addition, 100 grants have been allocated from the local budget. Grants of the Governor of the region are distributed on pedagogical and medical specialties (on 30 grants), agricultural branch – 19 grants and 21 on other specialties (music, theology, design, architecture, etc.).

Required documents:

Application on a standard form;

Document on education (original);

Certificate UNT;

Medical certificate form 086-u;

Copy of identity document;

Documents confirming the status of children from large families and receiving targeted social assistance