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Repeated UNT (Unified National Testing)

From 25 July to 3 August will be receiving applications for re-delivery of UNT (KTA). Pass the test will be able to everyone who has not scored the required number of points, and wants to go to the paid department.

Recall that since 2019, the UNT is held 4 times a year (in January, March, June and August). Applicants participating in the UNT in January, March and August, have the opportunity to apply to universities for a paid department. They receive certificates of another type, which do not allow universities to enroll applicants for budget training

Required documents:

application on a standard form;

document on education (original certificate or diploma with attachment);

medical certificate form 086-u;

photo 3/4 (6 pieces);

copy of identity document;

receipt of payment for testing.


Repeated testing is carried out on a paid basis. Payment for the UNT is 2242 tenge and is made through the department

«Halyk bank»

Details of NTC:

RSE “National testing centre” MES RK

010011 Astana, Pobedy Ave., 60

RNN 600300086081

BIN 000140001853

IIK KZ536010111000001515 IIC