Friday, March 24, 2023
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New specialties – meeting the demands of time

22 new educational programs appeared this year at the University of Zhubanov. This is a record number of new specialties in recent years.

“Now we are one of the best universities in the country, you probably heard that in the ranking of NAAR we are in 4th place among the top 20 universities of Kazakhstan, but the competition is growing. This in itself is very good, because it encourages us to work even better. In our case, to stay among the first, you need to run forward. And if you look up on the world market, then you need to run even faster,” – said in an interview, rector of the Zhubanov universitaty Baurzhan Yerdembekov. One of the steps in the development of the University is the introduction of new educational programs.

New specialties were formed taking into account the demand in the labor market, the latest trends and technologies. For example, it is quite natural that under the influence of the active development of the Internet space, when most information passes through the Internet and social networks, there was a need to train specialists in computer engineering and digital linguistics. In addition, in view of the relevance of environmental problems, educational programs”Ecotechnology and sustainable development” and “Ecoenergy” were introduced. Among the popular specialties is worth noting and «Electroenergetic», according to the head of the Department of vocational guidance K. Zhubanov ARSU Zhamilya Idieva, there is a demand for this direction for a long time, before the graduates of the Aktobe College of communications and electrical engineering had to go to othercities to continue their education, now they will have the opportunity to study at the University of Zhubanov.

It should be noted that new specialties have been formed and thanks to the advanced training of teachers of the University, the faculty regularly develops new programs that teach students of the University. In addition, international trends in the training of highly qualified specialists are taken into account. As noted by the head of the Department “Fine arts and design”of the professional creative faculty, where this year opened the specialty “Visual art, art, graphics and design”, Mergembai Kurgambekov: “In the preparation of General education programs, we pay attention to foreign programs, annually exchange students, only this year our students were trained in Turkey, we were visited by teachers and students from Bulgaria, Russia, China, with whom we exchanged experiences.”

Some of the introduced this year’s educational programs have combined several specialties, so, for example, this year first-year students can study in the areas of “Chemical engineering”, “Mathematics-computer Science”, “Physics-computer Science”, “Kazakh, Russian languages and literature”, thereby expanding the scope of future specialists.

There are also completely new educational programs. Students of Zhubanov University can now become professionals in the relevant fields of food technology, technology and design of light industry products, production of building materials, products and structures, which will undoubtedly increase their competitiveness in the labor market.


New educational program

6В01102 Psychology and education management

6В01405 Visual art, art work, graphics and design

6В01509 Mathematics-Informatics

6B01510 Physics And Informatics

6В01507 Chemistry-Biology

6B01705 Kazakh, Russian languages and literature

6В02301 Digital linguistics

6B02304 Philology: Kazakh Philology

6B02305 Philology: Russian Philology

6В04108 Business administration

6В05102 Biotechnology

6В05202 Ecotechnology and sustainable development

6В06105 Computer engineering

6В07105 Chemical engineering

6B07104 Ecoenergy

6В07206 Technology of food products

6B07207 Technology and design of light industry products

6B07204 mineral Processing

6В07205 Technology for petrochemical production

6В07302 Transport construction

6B07303 Production of building materials, products and structure