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The owners of additional grants are determined

110 applicants had the opportunity to study at the university of Zhubanov at the expense of the target transfer from the National Fund of Kazakhstan. Children from large families and recipients of targeted social assistance will master pedagogical specialties in ARSU, in particular, such professions as teacher of Russian language and literature, chemistry, mathematics, etc., demanded in Aktobe region: “Preschool education and upbringing” – 15, “Teacher of physical education” – 15, “Teacher of music” – 1, “Teacher of art and drawing” – 4, “Teacher of mathematics” – 3, “Teacher of Informatics” – 2, “Teacher of chemistry” – 10, “Teacher of biology” – 12, “Teacher of geography” –1, “teacher of Kazakh language and literature» – 15, “Teacher of Russian language and literature” – 12, “Teacher of foreign language” – 22, “Pedagogy” – 7, “Mining” – 1.

According to the Department of education of Aktobe region, a total of 154 applications were received for the grant at the expense of the target transfer of the National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan for training with higher education for children from large and low-income families for 2019/2020, 120 applicants were awarded grants based on the results of the UNT. Also, the members of the Commission decided to distribute grants among the other 34 children and give them the opportunity to get higher education.

In addition, the owners of grants of akim of the region were identified, among them 31 people – future students of Zhubanov University (“Teacher of physical culture” – 5, “Teacher of mathematics” – 8, “urban planning, construction and civil engineering” – 3, “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education” – 15 people)

It is worth noting that grants 100 of the head region applied 269 applicants, 78 applicants awarded a grant. The recipients of the remaining 22 grants under the educational program “Health care” will be determined after August 25. According to the acting head of the Department of education Gulnaz Suleymanova, this year according to the results of the UNT applicants scored high points, so the members of the Commission had a hard time in determining the recipients of grants. Thus, of the 94 children who want to attend medical school, 68 scored over 100 points. As a result, the grants of the akim of the region for medical specialty received 10 children who scored 123-124 points. Due to the fact that there were no applications for training in the specialties “Art”, “Informatics”, “Religion”, the Commission allocated additional grants for medical, pedagogical specialties, as well as training

of primary school teachers, which received the largest number of applications, as well as other specialties in demand in the region.