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“I saw how the University was just starting to be built, today it is a huge University…»

Member of the Finance and budget Committee of Majilis of RоK, Sergey Simonov by working trip visited Zhubanov University.

During the sightseeing tour of the University, the Deputy was presented with the only student service Center in Aktobe region, where students can get about 20 services; “Honestly shop” — a kind of point, where everything is calculated on the honesty of the visitors, who themselves serve and can buy besides books of the university professors, stationery and other necessities, work of students (paintings, design t-shirts, etc.); updated the Palace of Youth with dance and music classrooms, conference room, cinema and more.

Sergey Simonov drew attention to the work of the admission Committee of the University, was interested in the provision of grants to children from large and low-income families, as well as the demand for applicants of pedagogical specialties. Vice-rector for strategic development of Kuanyshbek Shunkeev noted the dynamics of growth in the number of applicants and the ranking of the University in recent years, stressing that about 50% of the students of the university Zhubanov learn free. When talking about the nuances of admission of applicants, online submission of applications, the Deputy shared that his son this year also enters the University and he is very familiar with this topic.

One of the main questions of the Deputy — providing students with places in hostels, was removed after visiting the Student house, which is located a few minutes from the main building of the University. Sergey Anatolievich, personally looking at one of the 4 dormitories of the Zhubanov University, which are currently 100% provide placements for everyone, noted the importance of creating good conditions for foreign students: “it’s nice to see that the university is doing everything for their students, the same living conditions at an excellent level. Actually, when I was little, I saw how this University was just starting to be built, today it is a huge university, it can be seen that it continues to develop, your progress shows that there is a demand among applicants, there is a need for personnel that prepares the University». Sergey Simonov wished the students of Zhubanov university to set high goals and not to be lazy: “the knowledge that is given at the university is the basic Foundation that helps to achieve results in life.”

In turn, Vice-rectors and Advisor to the rector of K. Zhubanov ARSU Konstantin Tskhai proposed the distribution of graduates in all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as consideration of increasing the allocation of funds for the development of regional science.