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Kulzat Sadirova and Zauresh Imzharova was awarded Recognition certificates of the Ministry of culture and sports

Сегодня в ходе круглого стола на тему «Тілім менің – баға жетпес байлығым», посвященного Дню языков народа Казахстана глава региона Ондасын Уразалин вручил почетные грамоты от имени Министра культуры и спорта Актоты Раимкуловой, декану филологического факультета университета Жубанова, профессору, доктору филологических наук, доценту Кульзат Садировой и руководителю Центра профессионального развития вуза, ученому-педагогу Зауреш Имжаровой.

Today during a round table on the topic “Tilim menin – baga jetpes bailygym”, devoted to Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan the head of the region, Ondasyn Urazalin presented the honorary certificates on behalf of the Minister of culture and sports Aktoty Raimkulova, the Dean of the faculty of Philology of the Zhubanov University, Professor, doctor of philological Sciences, associate Professor Kulzat Sadirova and head of the Center for professional development of the University, scientist-teacher Zauresh Imzharova.

It is known that in the Address to the nation of Kazakhstan the Head of state Kasym-Jomart Tokayev focused special attention on the status of the state language, having emphasized that the role of the Kazakh language will be strengthened, and it will become a language of interethnic communication. “This is one of the priorities that the President sets for us. In order to increase the capacity of the state language, the office for the development of languages needs to fully cover the Internet resources, as well as to promote its development through the widespread use of electronic textbooks, information technologies. The transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet is one of the key stages of spiritual modernization. Need a quality transition of Kazakh language to Latin alphabet”, – said Ondasyn Urazalin.

Akim of the region instructed to intensify the work to strengthen control over the placement of visual information, outdoor advertising, onomastic space in general with the use of the new alphabet.

Representatives of Zhubanov University took an active part in the round table. Thus, doctor of philosophy, Professor of ARSU Amangeldy Aitaly shared his opinion on the status and importance of the state language. Participants in the discussion were the members of the international society “Kazakh tili”, the heads

of government agencies, ethno-cultural associations, higher and secondary specialized educational institutions etc.