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Introduction with University

“The world is accelerating. We live in an era of great change, which past generations could only dream of” – with such a message today began the acquaintance of freshmen with the University.

The idea that we need to constantly develop and meet the demands of the time was end-to-end in the speech of the rector of the University Zhubanov Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov, who met with new students historical, physico-mathematical, professional and creative and pedagogical faculties.

Bauyrzhan Amangeldyevich welcomed freshmen, especially low-performing students, which, by the way, in the hall was a little, and told that at school he studied at the “3”, but choosing a specialty like, at the University became an excellent student, and then a doctor of Philology and rector of the University. As motivation for youth information on growth of a rating of K. Zhubanov ARSU also sounded, which today ranks 4th among 56 universities in Kazakhstan, increasing the number of students and educational programs. According to the head of the University, new specialties are introduced in order to prepare really popular specialists, they are the requirement of the time, new technologies and trends. “”It is very important to get an education not for a diploma, but for in order to dedicate his life to his beloved profession”, – said Baurzhan Yerdembekov, citing the example of the actual occupations of the future.

During the meeting, the rector spoke in detail about the possibilities of double-degree education and training of our students in universities in Poland, Turkey, Korea and China, about what language centers students can visit at the University, what gives the Startup Academy and the center for professional development and career, focusing on the fact that the University opens up many opportunities for education and supports those wishing to study scholarships and grants. At the same time Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov recalled the active anti-corruption work and equipment of classrooms of the cameras, urging students to be honest and interested in getting a quality education. The issues of providing places in the hostel, compliance with the rules and internal regulations were not left without attention.

Speaking about the process of digitalization, Bauyrzhan Amangeldievich told about the mobile application Smart ARSU, which will soon be launched for the convenience of students, advised to spend time in social networks and shared his contacts: facebook:; instagram:; twitter:; Vk:

Addressing the first-course students, the rector recommended to read more, especially since the University library is considered one of the largest and has more than 1.5 million books and 700 thousand electronic resources.

During the meeting, freshmen watched a brief video tour of the University in the form of a video selfie. In addition, a guidebook was prepared for new students, where not only the academic calendar, evaluation criteria, student ethics, necessary links and contacts, but also programs for academic mobility and student self-government are described in detail. The guidebook also gives answers to questions about the student service center, clinic, etc.

It should be noted that the rector’s meetings with newly-made students are a tradition of the University. This commitment to open dialogue appreciated the freshmen: “I think the fact that the rector himself meets with students, shares information, gives directions is very important,” shared the student of the pedagogical faculty of the specialty “Preschool training and education” Gulzada Ermuhambetkyzy, which is trained on an educational grant and has set itself ambitious goals: “The main thing I think about now is studying and a red diploma, which I hope to get,” said the girl.

The rector’s meetings with first-course students of other faculties are scheduled for September 12 and 13. In addition, from 10 to 23 September for students of 1 and 2 courses are guided tours of the University, where they get acquainted with the work of the Techno Park, Startup Academy, various laboratories, with the museum and other significant objects of the University.