Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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A famous Kazakhstan ecologist visited K. Zhubanov University

Today the chairman of “Tabigat” ecological union Mels Eleusizov met students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. During the meeting the pro- Rector for Science and Innovations Rakhy Beknazarov introduced the guest to the students and spoke about his public work. The teaching staff of the faculty took part in the meeting.

Mels Eleusizov spoke about the ecological condition of the country in detail and highlighted such important problems as global warming, air pollution, melting of glaciers. He emphasized that protection of nature is a debt of each person. At the end of the meeting he urged all attendees, especially youth to care of the environment.

“Nature is the wealth of people. We must all take care of the environment. We have to remember that we have become the reason of severe behavior of the nature in recent years. Therefore for bright future we have to create favorable environment”, he said at the end of the meeting. He also gave irrefragable answers to the students’ questions.