Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Advice and recommendations received from Zhubanov University rector to the young specialists

Today was a traditional meeting of the leadership of K.Zhubanov ARSU with young specialists .This year the teaching staff of the University and the Higher College was replenished by more than 50 young teachers and 10 researchers and laboratory assistants.

Over the 85-year history of the University Zhubanov formed certain scientific areas and schools in such branches of science as physics, mathematics, Philology, history, pedagogy. But, according to the management of the University, modern views on science require new, creative approaches, so more and more young specialists are attracted.

Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov in his speech urged the experts to study the demands of the time. In particular, he noted the need to find new approaches in the educational process. “You need to move away from standard thinking and implement creative ideas into your work. Today, not formal reports are important, but real projects,” the rector said.

In addition, he focused the attention of young employees on the development of projects on IT technologies and digitalization of the University, participation in public life and research. For many of those present it was not news to hear about the importance of learning foreign languages. However, Bauyrzhan Amangeldievich again reminded that the knowledge of languages will be one of the main requirements for employment in the University.

At the meeting, the rector also raised issues related to the culture of maintaining accounts in social networks, religion, and law and order. Addressing the audience, Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov said that young professionals placed great hopes, because today’s youth it is a progressive engine of development.

One of the participants of the meeting, the head of the scientific circle of K. Zhubanov ARSU “24 element ” Albina Ersaiynova thanked the University management for support and told about the participation in the intellectual team contest “STUDENT ENERGY CHALLENGE”, our team has passed to the final with the project “Development of technology for smelting manganese-containing iron from substandard ferromanganese ores of Kazakhstan”.

Recall that in the framework of the project “Zhubanov- zhas alemder ordasy” in Zhubanov University are invited to work young specialists with a scientific degree (candidate of Sciences, PhD), for whom all conditions will be created, in particular, the provision of housing.