Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Students of  Philology Faculty will now be able to spend warm autumn days on the new alley. Today, near the sixth academic building of Zhubanov University, which bears the name of a prominent representative of the Kazakh folk poetry of the twentieth century Nurpeis Baiganin, the Grand opening of the alley.

At the festival in honor of the opening of the alley named after the luminary of Kazakh literature, the famous akyn, storyteller and musician, as expected, poems and songs sounded. Students of Philology quoted the great poet, and invited guests talked about the role of the personality of Nurpeis Baiganin.

“In its history, our University has experienced many changes, today our University ranks 4th in Kazakhstan, but we do not stand still. Today, near the building, which bears the name of Nurpeis Baiganin, we open the alley named after this great akyn. And if students will learn well-known personalities and to emulate the Nurpeis Baiganin, for sure, they will become great people,” — said Kuanyshbek Shunkeyev the Vice-rector for strategic development of Zhubanov University.

Momyn – wife of son by Nurpeisov Baiganin, Manash Baiganina expressed gratitude to the leadership of Zhubanov University for preserving the memory and told that her daughter for some time worked in University, and granddaughter a couple of years ago she finished the Foreign Languages faculty – now they are the successors of the names Baiganin.

The granddaughter of the great poet Gulmira Baiganina expressed her gratitude that the city and the University does not forget the name of Nurpeis Baiganin: ” Everyone always tells me: “Nurpeis Baiganin is not only your grandfather, it is the grandfather of all of us, Kazakhs”, indeed, in the world culture there is always someone’s name, the grandfather is known not only in Kazakhstan, his works were translated into other languages. The fact that the language, philological faculty, and then the alley at the building was named after Nurpeis Baiganin is a great pride, probably, it should have happened, ” Gulmira Baiganina said.

In addition to the descendants of the famous akyn, the event was attended by the teaching staff of the University, students and masters, intellectuals, Aktobe poets and writers.