Monday, April 22, 2024


Today in the afternoon at Zhubanov University music sounded, and teachers changed habitual strict suits for smart dresses and ties brighter. Holiday teachers gathered veterans, management, teaching staff, students, graduates and guests of the University.

The teaching staff of the University today has about 1,500 people, including teachers-veterans with 40-50 years of experience and young professionals. It is symbolic that the hosts of the concert program dedicated to the International teachers ‘ day also represented several generations: the Dean of the faculty of pedagogical, a young specialist, a student and children.

Warm words and gratitude for valuable professional and life lessons were addressed to the teachers from the stage.

The main teacher of the University Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov, congratulating colleagues, cited the words of the great Abai: “Adamnyn adamshylygy zhaksy uztazdan “, indeed, who had a good teacher, he is considered happy.Undoubtedly, there were moments in our history, for example, 90 years, when the reputation of the teacher has fallen, today we are doing everything to raise the status of teachers was adopted the law “On status of teacher”, within which we will continue to work on it further”, — said the rector, stressing that “there is a saying: an ordinary teacher describes, a good one explains, a wonderful one shows, and a great one inspires. I can say that there are many great people in our University.”

Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov personally handed flowers to veterans sitting in the hall and reminded students that they need to cherish their mentors and preserve the memory of their teachers, because those who remember their teachers reach the heights.

In continuation of the celebration of the teacher’s Day, the best teachers and staff of the University were awarded letters of thanks, diplomas and badges on behalf of the President of Kazakhstan, Minister of education and science, Akim of Aktobe region and rector of the University Zhubanov. The medal” for merits in the development of the University “was awarded to the veteran of the faculty of physics and mathematics Akzharkyn Shokayeva, and the candidate of arts Marziya Zhaksygarina-the academic title “Professor”.

The solemn event was attended by teachers from China, Korea, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Bulgaria, Estonia. As a congratulations for the foreign colleagues the Director of the Center for international cooperation, doctor of philological Sciences, Professor Gulzhan Shokym sang a song in Turkish language. And teachers and heads of departments from different faculties read poems.

Loud applause in the hall was caused by the smallest participants of the holiday. Young artists from the Studio “Zheti oner” wished the teachers “patience and super mood”, which will never hurt in the hard work, and performed a medley of famous songs.

Another touching moment during the concert in honor of the teachers was the production of the student theater “Zhubanov zhastary”. Young actors showed a small sketch on the topic of the day about the dependence of young people on gadgets, the need to prevent the substitution of values, and cherish the most important-their teachers, books and human communication.

A pleasant gift at the celebration was the news about the sponsorship of patrons. So, on behalf of the individual entrepreneur Kulpan Karibekova 200 thousand tenge was allocated to the 2nd course student of the pedagogical faculty Myrzagul Seitmuratova, entrepreneur Almagul Seytenova and candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Gulim Yeleusinova transferred 100 thousand to the Department of Pedagogy, psychology and primary education. In addition, the daughter of the Hero of the Soviet Union Kozhabai Zhazykov, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Makpal Zhazykova allocated funds in the amount of 1 000 000 tenge for the opening of the nominal cabinet of the pedagogical faculty.

During the festive event, guests watched a video about how the action took place “Uztazyma myn algys”, which was organized by the students. Young zhubanov students within several weeks actively congratulated teachers of the city, distributed cards in public places, transport, schools and reminded citizens of an important holiday and people of a respected profession. Responded to the challenge #Ustazymamynalgys and famous Aktobe, who supported the idea of congratulations and warm words to the teachers.

It should be noted that on the international teacher’s day students of Zhubanov University not only organized a holiday for teachers, but also received a gift. At the end of the celebration near the main building of the University was opened Alley of youth, which gladly walked invited guests led by the leadership of the

University, and the students themselves played the guitar, arranged dance battles and art plein airs, played chess games and organized photo shoots.