Friday, March 24, 2023


Today, a conference was held at the University of Zhubanov, which summed up the results of professional practice of students of technical specialties.

In April 2019, an agreement on the organization of paid professional practice of full-time students was signed between Zhubanov University and Aktobe oil pipeline Department of JSC “KazTransOil”. As a result, during the summer period, 20 students of the educational programs “Transport, transport equipment and technology”, “Oil and Gas business”, “Chemical technology of organic substances” and “Chemical technology of inorganic substances” were able to undergo training in the largest company. And this is only the first stage, as assured in the Center for professional development and career of Zhubanov University, the cooperation will last at least 5 years.

According to the students themselves, professional practice was a great opportunity to test their knowledge and establish themselves as a future specialist. 4th course student Alisher Suinshaliyev told about his work at the head oil pumping station “Kenkiyak”: “It was very interesting to work directly in the production, to learn the technological schemes, processes of pumping, storage of oil, how all the equipment works.” Sharing his impressions about the internship, the student thanked his supervisors at the production and the University for the organization, while not hiding that a very important and pleasant moment is the payment of professional practice.

In addition to remuneration, the best trainees were encouraged by the management of “KazTransOil”, for example, students Zhanar Dosmagambet and Arman Kaliyev, at the end of the internship received letters of thanks for the creative approach to deep theoretical knowledge and practical training.

Summing up the results of the first stage of production practice, Vice-rector for strategic development Kuanyshbek Shunkeyev noted that the main goal of joint work of Zhubanov University with the Aktobe oil pipeline Department of JSC “KazTransOil” is the training of qualified personnel, in which all parties are interested, Kuanyshbek Shunkeyevich also made a proposal for joint research activities.

In turn, the head of the Aktobe oil pipeline Department of JSC “KazTransOil” Kuanysh Utebaliyev spoke about the continuation of cooperation and readiness to employ graduates of Zhubanov University, who will prove themselves well.  Kuanysh Utebaliyev in general highly appreciated the training and knowledge of students-trainees.

Employees of JSC “KazTransOil”, who supervised the training of young people, also spoke about the education of students at the conference: : “it was evident that the trainees came-savvy and serious in work, but it was their burning eyes and desire to work,” said Amir Valiyev, car repair master of the Aktobe oil pipeline Department of KazTransOil JSC, the words which confirmed the engineer PSP Nurzhan Bisembaev, engineer traffic safety Nurhan Kakiev and the chief of service of personnel Ainur Esmukhanov.

The conference was also attended by representatives of companies that in the future would like to attract students for paid professional practice.