Sunday, June 23, 2024


Teaching-staff, managers, employees of structural units and students of Zhubanov University developed skills of effective communication in modern media at the seminar Akerke Berlibay.

A well-known media coach, independent expert on communications, press Secretary of the Academy of public administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and communications Advisor to the Director of the youth Congress of Kazakhstan held an 8-hour training seminar, where she told and showed examples of how to broadcast the educational policy of the University and the country, popularize science and properly conduct career guidance in social networks and various media.

Instagram Facebook, Vkontakte, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and how to communicate information to the audience through social networks were discussed in detail by Akerke Berlibay during the meeting: “If you use the opportunities of social networks, submit any topics easily and accessible, whether it is science or trends in education, you will be able to prove yourself even more,” the speaker said.

Akerke Berlibay paid great attention to the topic of brand, image and development of personal accounts in social networks, taking into account the fact that each employee is an Ambassador of his University.

In addition, the media coach shared her secrets of success and nuances of working in various structures.

The next day, the independent communications expert conducted a training with students, where she spoke about the format of information transfer to the reader, blogs, social networks, PR organizations, content marketing, etc. At a meeting with students, Akerke Berlibay advised young people to develop not only entertainment content, but also to promote cognitive information.

During the visit, the guest actively shared with her Instagram followers the impression of Zhubanov University, noting that she was pleasantly surprised by the development of the University and a large number of opportunities for students.