Thursday, February 22, 2024


The contribution of Kudaibergen Zhubanov and the entire family dynasty to the development of science and culture is difficult to overestimate. Streets, educational institutions, Philharmonic hall are named after Zhubanovs…Their merits are immortalized in monuments, scientific centers and researches.

The memory of great figures lives and continues in the affairs of contemporaries and new discoveries.

Aktobe regional University celebrated the 120th anniversary of K. Zhubanov. The celebration began at the faculty of Philology. Invited guests, including descendants of Kudaibergen Zhubanov, teachers from Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey, famous graduates of the University laid flowers at the monument of national poet N. Bayganin

Then, at the Philology facility, the solemn opening of the conference hall named after Eset Zhubanov took place, where Askar kudaibergenovich Zhubanov was present. The son of the great scientist, doctor of Philology, Professor Askar Zhubanov shared his memories of the family, noting that their family experienced many difficulties, but he, who lost his father as an infant, did not feel lonely thanks to the care of his brothers.

Kudaibergena Zhubanov granddaughter -Ardak Yesetovna Zhubanova, the successor of his father and grandfather to study Kazakh Philology, thanked the leadership of the University for preserving the memory of the great scientists and the dissemination of their works: “Analyzing the work of his father and grandfather, I noticed that they are not limited to a narrow linguistic focus, they cover the topics of culture, history, mentality of the people. Now their works are available to everyone, and it pleases, ” Ardak Zhubanova said.

It is symbolic that in the new conference hall history and modern trends are intertwined, excerpts of lyrical works and QR codes for downloading e-books are harmoniously combined in the design of the new hall.

The continuity of generations was manifested at the next event. In honor of the 120th anniversary of K. Zhubanov, a student TV and radio Studio “Bastau”was opened. The young media students told the representatives of the Zhubanov dynasty about their programs and offered to leave autographs on the wall of the Studio for the guests of honor. Among those present at the opening of the student media group was Lyudmila Balakhonskaya-associate Professor at the faculty of journalism of St. Petersburg state University and a graduate of Zhubanov University in 1979. A specialist in the field of journalism and public relations, who now teaches Philology students of ARSU within the framework of the academic mobility program, wished the students to use all the opportunities provided by the University.

Among the facilities opened for the anniversary of K. Zhubanov: IT and teaching rooms at the professional and creative faculty, a climbing wall in the sports complex, a greenhouse for practical training of students of the faculty of natural Sciences, which personally looked and gave a couple of tips to students and undergraduates known biologist, the successor of the dynasty Zhubanov-Azhar Akhmetovna Zhubanova.

In honor of the anniversary, the descendants of K. Zhubanov planted pine seedlings on the Avenue of Youth near the main building of the University, and a new information photo booth was presented in the foyer of the educational institution, acquainting students and guests with the history of the great Zhubanov family.

In addition, continuing the work of the first Kazakh linguist and philologist  scientists of Aktobe regional University presented books, including the fifth edition of the academic collection, translations into 4 languages of the works of the great linguist, biobibliography and others. Students also demonstrated their vision of the personality of Kudaibergen Zhubanov in competitive essays, interviews, multimedia encyclopedias and documentaries. The results of the competition “Zhubanov World through the eyes of students”, which brought together about 100 works from Bayganin, Khromtau, Martuk, Kobda, Uil districts and city schools and contest “Uzdik Zhubanovtanushy”  was also announced in the framework of festive events, and best documentary was shown to the guests in the cinema ” Zhubanov cinema “.

The key event in the series of anniversary celebrations was the Traditional X international scientific and practical conference “Zhubanov readings”, which brought together the descendants of the Zhubanov dynasty, famous linguists, turkologists from Bashkortostan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, the Russian Federation, representatives of the akimat, famous writers and students.

Rector of Zhubanov University Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov, welcoming the participants of the conference, noted the great history of the University and scientists of the University, who at all times continued the work of Kudaibergen Zhubanov is Mukhtar Arynov, Eset Zhubanov and many others. “Today, no matter what we do, we always go with the name of Zhubanov and are proud of it. Since September, we have launched competitions, sports competitions, new projects, opened facilities in honor of the 120th anniversary of K. Zhubanov, in order to introduce all students and pass the memory of the great personality to the younger generation, ” Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov said.

Deputy akim of the region Amangali Berdalin read a congratulatory letter on behalf of Ondasyn Urazalin and stressed the importance of the University Zhubanov, as the successors of the works of the famous scientist.

During the meeting, the conference participants exchanged experience in the field of linguistics and philologist and read reports on the role of K. Zhubanov’s heritage in science and culture.

A bright conclusion of the celebrations for the 120th anniversary of Kudaibergen Zhubanov was a concert organized by students and teachers of the Department of “Music and choreography”of Zhubanov University, teachers of the A. Zhubanov music College, as well as soloists and ensembles of the G. Zhubanova Regional Philharmonic.. At the creative evening, guests were able to enjoy instrumental music, academic vocals, lyrics, choreographic performances and touching performances of students, who showed their reading of excerpts from the life of the great Zhubanov dynasty