Tuesday, May 30, 2023


At the faculty of philology there was a touching festive atmosphere in honor of the anniversary of Rosa Belousova (Reznichenko), a veteran of the department of russian philology and intercultural communication.

The heads of city organizations, scientists, teachers, veterans of the department, including Elena Zhigareva, Raihan Kuspaeva, Nailya Mukhamethuzina and others gathered to congratulate the famous Aktobe philologist on his 80th anniversary. Moreover, some guests specially came from other cities to congratulate their colleague and share their memories of friendship lasting more than 50 years.

Advisor to the Rector Konstantin Tskhai and chairman of the council of elders of Zhubanov university Zhaksylyk Sartabanov presented letters of gratitude on behalf of the rector of Zhubanov university Bauyrzhan Erdembekov and a medal for services in the development of the university.

Words of gratitude and good wishes were voiced to the person responsible for the celebration. At the meeting it was repeatedly noted that over the years of work in the university Rosa Belousova has done much for the development of education and philology, and her students are known throughout the CIS.

As the graduates themselves noted, Rosa will always remain an example of a teacher for them. “I have lived in Vologda for a long time, but I could not miss the anniversary of my teacher. When we grow up, we acquire statuses, become mothers and grandmothers, many of us no longer have parents, but still when I call, I hear ‘my schooler’ – it’s very expensive,” – said Lyudmila Selichenko, a graduate of the 1972 school № 25.

The guests of the holiday shared that Rosa Fedorovna has always been distinguished by her ability to explain the most difficult theoretical material in an accessible way, to work diligently with each student. Remaining a demanding teacher, she always supported students.

Video congratulations of the teacher’s graduates from different countries, as well as fragments of the history of the department and the faculty of philology were shown at the celebration. During its 85-year history Zhubanov University became a whole life for many teachers and a bright starting point for students.

Rosa Fedorovna Reznichenko was born on February 14, 1940 in a small village Green of the Ural region in a simple family. In 1958-1963 she studied at the A.S. Pushkin Ural Pedagogical Institute. In 1963-1966 she worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature in the village of Dzhanibek. From 1966 to 1972, she worked at school № 16 and 25.

In 1972, she was invited to work as a teacher at the department of russian language at Aktobe Pedagogical Institute.

Throughout her university career Rosa Belousova read the most complex fundamental courses requiring thorough training: “Introduction to Linguistics”, “General Linguistics”, “Historical Grammar”, “Old Slavonic Language”, all disciplines of the course “Modern Russian”.

For many years Rosa Belousova worked side by side with such famous scientists as: Pavel Shchetinin, Claudia Krinova, Ninel Adorova, Elena Zhigareva, etc.

The scientist’s work was repeatedly awarded with high prizes. She was awarded the title of Veteran of Labor of the USSR and the Veteran of Labor Kaz SSR.