Wednesday, July 15, 2020


The Department of Internal Policy of Aktobe region and the Department of History and Religious Studies of Zhubanov University organized a national online meeting on the theme: “Hunger and repression in Kazakhstan in 20-30 years. XX century: history and lessons”, dedicated to the memory of victims of hunger and political repression.  The round table was attended by historians, philologists, philosophers, doctoral candidates, master’s students and university students from Aktobe, Almaty, Nur-Sultan.

The main purpose of the round table – a tribute to the memory of the victims of hunger and political repression in Kazakhstan, the victims of the Soviet system. In his opening speech, Rakhim Beknazarov, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation of K. Zhubanov ARSU, told about the work that has been carried out at the university since 1997, when the First President of the country declared 1997 the year of national consent and memory of the victims of political repression in Kazakhstan.

In the basic report academician Mambet Koigeldiev told about tragedies of the Kazakh people and especially emphasized that they are based on system of management of emissaries imposed by authoritarian policy of the Center. According to the scientist, every nation, including the Kazakh people, should independently choose the management system, determine their historical destiny and as the scientist noted, in order not to repeat the tragedies “…we should learn lessons from history and build a self-governing nation”.

Academician Khankeldy Abzhanov, revealing the impact of the tragedy of famine 20-30s of the twentieth century on Kazakh society, drew attention to the fact that under the Bolshevik system, the consequences of this tragedy were hidden for many years and only after independence were disclosed. He also stressed the importance of further thorough and objective study of this problem.

Professor Gulzhahan Orda spoke about the reasons for the persecution of Alash figures, about the victim of repression Koshke Kemengeruly, his works and how the problems of repression and hunger were reflected in Kazakh literature.

In her turn, Professor Svetlana Smagulova, having analyzed the periods of repressions in the regions of Kazakhstan in 20-30 years of the XX century, noted that the history of persecuted members of the Alash movement, government officials have not been studied and proposed to further actively participate in research projects on this problem. Uzakbai Ismagulov and Nurtaza Abdullaev, scientists of Zhubanov University, also stressed the need for in-depth study of hunger in Aktobe region.