Friday, March 24, 2023


Today, the leadership of Zhubanov University honored honorary sportsman of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the best worker of physical culture Abilgaziz Kulmagambetov.

Abilgaziz Kulmagambetov, known to many Aktobe residents, in different years was a teacher of the Department of Physical Education of the Pedagogical Institute, associate professor of the University Zhubanov, deputy dean of the faculty, head of the department. Today Abilgaziz Kulmagambetov is the chairman of sports club and continues to be engaged in popularization of physical culture and sports.

Rector of Zhubanov University congratulated Abilgaziz Kaldybaevich on his 60th birthday, wishing him to always be an example for the young generation. Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov thanked the jubilee for his great contribution to the development of the University and Kazakhstan’s sport in general, and noted that in different years, engaged in coaching activities in Sambo wrestling, Abilgaziz Kulmagambetov trained more than 40 strongest masters of sport, among them World Champions Askhat Shakharov, Raisa Balieva, Kazhymukhan Shaltakov, World Cup Winners Murat Dosanov, Zhanargul Akbalanova and many others.  Besides, for all pedagogical activity Abilgaziz Kulmagambetov has developed educational and methodical works on actual questions of physical culture and sports which are actively used in educational process.

During the meeting on a good tradition the jubilee was awarded a shapan and medal of Kudaibergen Zhubanov for high professionalism and contribution to the development of sport.

It should be noted that Abilgaziz Kulmagambetov is an honored trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan on sambo, an honorary figure of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and was awarded medals “For merits in development of physical culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Bauyrzhan Monyshuly “Batyr Shapagaty”, “Sport ardageri”, “Dene shynyktyru salasynyn yzdik kyzmetkeri”, a medal to the 50th anniversary of the University and “Universitetti damytudagy enbegi ushin”.