Wednesday, September 30, 2020


Aktobe schoolers continue to pass UNT. Today in one of the buildings of Zhubanov University more than 250 school leavers are checking their knowledge. Unfortunately, 17 people were found to have prohibited items and the schoolchildren were removed.

As you know, this year the control on UNT has been strengthened. Each audience is equipped with CCTV cameras.

Any attempt to use prohibited items leads to cancellation of the results, and the participant is suspended and will not be able to retake the UNT this year.

Control over testing according to the rules in the region is carried out by the Department of quality assurance in the field of education of Aktobe region. Representatives of the project office “Аktobe – adaldyk аlany” also take part as observers.

According to sanitary-epidemiological norms all participants pass disinfection, including passing through a disinfectant tunnel,treatment of shoes with a special disinfectant mat, temperature measurement, treatment of hands by an orderly, provision of medical masks.

On the first day of UNT 398 graduates were tested in Alga, Kargala, Kobda, Mugalzhar, Temir and Uil districts.

According to the data of the regional department of education, already on the first day at admission to testing 22 graduates were found out prohibited subjects, 6 of them were removed at the entrance, 16 graduates were removed from the classroom. These graduates were not allowed to be tested and were deprived of the opportunity to take UNT this year.

From the end of UNT until 25 August, video surveillance footage will be analyzed. If the video footage shows students using prohibited subjects, the UNT results and the educational grant will be cancelled.