Monday, April 22, 2024


Today at Zhubanov University on the eve of Media Workers Day the results of the competition for journalists were summed up.

The competition “Development of education and science in the modern conditions of the regional university” was organized to popularize teaching activities, achievements of students and trends in the development of higher and postgraduate education at Zhubanov University.

Among the materials submitted for the competition, the best were noted:

the works of Tatyana Vinogradova, correspondent of the ”Aktyubinsky Vestnik” newspaper, in the category “Journalistic material in print media”;

the notes of “Aktobe Media” journalist Akerke Satybaldina as the best journalistic material in the Internet media;

program by Aliya Orazai (AQTOBE TV channel) as the best journalistic material on television.

The winners received monetary prizes. In addition, 9 employees of the city media received letters of gratitude on behalf of the rector and prizes for their high professionalism and activity.

The Rector of the Zhubanov University, Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov, thanked the journalists for the constant and close contact with the university and mentioned the fact that the university’s activity in the development of science and education is often reflected in the city and national media – a proof of the high level of partnership.

The role of mass media in glorifying the honor of our country and promoting the achievements and comprehensive development has always been high. Mass media is not only the main bridge between people and authorities, but also provides quick answers to changes in social life of the society. Today, the society is particularly demanding for up-to-date and truthful information, therefore, the work of journalists is very necessary and in demand.