Monday, April 22, 2024


Ambitious and creative, brave and enterprising, mobile and talented. It’s all youths who drive progress.

Zhubanov University actively conducts youth policy. Department of Youth Policy and Social Affairs of Zhubanov University conducts a lot of work with students and Aktobe youth in volunteer, sports and cultural sphere.

Besides, during its 85-year history, Zhubanov University has formed certain scientific directions and schools in such branches of science as physics, mathematics, philology, history and pedagogy. But, according to the university leadership, modern views on science require new, creative approaches, so more and more young personnel are being attracted. Last year alone, more than 50 young teachers and 10 research workers and laboratory assistants joined the teaching staff of the University and the Higher College.

Today, in honor of the International Youth Day, the rector of Zhubanov University marked active students and young specialists of the university. The best of them were awarded letters of appreciation and monetary prizes.

Among the awardees were the head of the student media group Ayan Baryshev. The young specialist unites creative students in “Bastay” team, at the same time making videos about actors for social networks.

Zarina Sideshova, teacher of the Philological faculty, was also mentioned by the university administration. Together with other teachers, the she organized the English Language School for children from socially vulnerable groups. The charitable project gathered more than 30 children who were able to learn a foreign language for free.

Another young specialist Alina Kultanova proved to be an active and creative employee of the Vocational Guidance Department of the university. Alina answers hundreds of questions from applicants every day, accepts documents and works on creating a promotion.

Nurbek Zhalgasbayev is actively engaged in volunteer work. The students learned about the student of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty and the head of the volunteer movement “Volotor2020” after the news about how young people are building a house with their own hands for a family in need.

And there are many such talented and enterprising young people at Zhubanov University. According to the rector, Zhubanov University is proud of them and is ready to further support the ideas of young talents in various fields. Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov talked about motivating projects “Best Teacher”, “Best Student”, “Best Methodist”, etc., stressing that young specialists and students have great hope to promote new ideas, integrate digital projects and transform the educational process.

The Vice-Rector for Social Affairs and Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of the university also congratulated the youth with the International Youth Day.