Friday, March 24, 2023


Zhubanov Aktobe Regional University celebrated its 85th anniversary. The history of the University has absorbed not only the achievements of great ancestors, but also rich almost centuries of its own experience.

Today Zhubanov University is more than 15 thousand students, 6 educational buildings, 4 Houses of Students, Student Polyclinic, Park of Innovative Technologies, 30 research centers and laboratories, 6 scientific libraries, Palace of Students, Palace of Youth, 7 sports complexes and playgrounds, Center of Student Initiatives, Center of Student Service, 131 branches of university departments, 150 partner universities and educational organizations of the USA, Europe, Asia and CIS countries, 85 thousand graduates.

In the jubilee year the university held many significant events and charity events. In particular, 85 graduates of schools from the regions of the region within the project “Zhubanov  kerueni” received K. Zhubanov grants; 85 scientific patents were registered by the scientists of the university; teachers gave 85 works to the library; the museum of the university was supplemented with 85 valuable exhibits telling about the history of the educational institution, etc.

The year of the University’s 85th anniversary, unfortunately, coincided with the covid-19 world pandemic, so many events were translated online. But this did not prevent friends, partners and honorary graduates of the university to address the words of gratitude to Zhubanov University. Throughout the year, congratulations came not only from different parts of Kazakhstan, but also from CIS countries, USA, Turkey, Poland, etc. The university was congratulated by 120 foreign partners from different countries, about 100 heads of educational institutions and graduates of Zhubanov University headed by the assistant to the president Erlan Karin, state and public figure Eleusin Sagyndykov, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Armenia Timur Urazaev, etc.

Famous graduates of Zhubanov University also attended the solemn meeting held today. Due to the sanitary-epidemiological norms, the guests gathered a little, but each of them was a special pride of Zhubanov University.

Akim of Aktobe region Ondasyn Urazalin, who graduated from Zhubanov University in 1985 as a teacher of English, spoke at the event. The head of the region congratulated the employees of Alma Mater on their professional holiday and the anniversary of the university, and was awarded with the medal “85 years of Aktobe Regional University named after M.A. Zhubanov”. K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional University. Jubilee medals were also awarded:

Amangeldy Aitaly – professor of the chair of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and social and political disciplines, doctor of philosophical sciences;

Adebiet Moldahanov – Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor.

Zhayshylyk Sartabanov – professor of the Department of Mathematics, Ph.

Zakiraddin Baidosov – PhD in History, Professor;

Konstantin Tskhai – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Advisor to the Rector

Muhamedzhan Abylay – PhD in philosophy, Associate Professor;

Nurtaza Abdullayev – Professor of the Department of History and Religious Studies, Doctor of Historical Sciences;

Igor Spivak-Lavrov, Professor of the Department of Physics, Ph;

Sembai Kantarbayev – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;

Gulzat Kobenova – Chairperson of the Committee for Control in Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, graduate of the University;

Aigul Mukasheva – the head of the Kazakhstan branch professional union of education and science workers, the graduate of the university.

Letters of thanks from Akim of Aktobe region were awarded:

Gimalin Doskeyev – associate professor of the chair “Physics”, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences;

Gulayym Turetayeva – Associate Professor of the Chair “Psychological, Pedagogical and Special Education”, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences;

Saltanat Iskindirova – Associate Professor of the Chair “Foreign Philology and Translation”, Candidate of Philological Sciences;

Svetlana Kubieva – senior lecturer of the Chair “Physical Culture and Sports”, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences;

Inna Lee – senior lecturer at the Department of History and Religious Studies.

Honorary Diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan were awarded:

Gafur Borambaev – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Chief of Staff of the Rector.

Mira Baltymova – Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, Chief Scientific Secretary of the University.

Gulbanu Izbasarova – Doctor of History, Associate Professor, Head of the Department “History and Religious Studies”.

Akylbek Nurlin – PhD in law, head of the department “Jurisprudence”.

Letters of thanks from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan were received:

Ilia Mazylbekova – Director of the University Library

Yerbolat Duzmagambetov – Director of the Center for evaluation of educational programs

Rauan Zhaltyrbayeva – Head of the Admission and Vocational Guidance Department

Gauhar Zhusupova – head of office – registrar

Aigul Kojban is the chief specialist of the Department of Social Affairs and Youth Policy.

Gandarbek Imanchiev – PhD in Psychology, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education for Educational Work.

The management, veterans and employees congratulated Aigul Mukasheva – the head of the Kazakhstan branch professional union of education and science workers, who is also a graduate of the University, on the 85th anniversary of Zhubanov University. Aigul Mukasheva thanked the native university for the start in life and handed over the certificate on the sum on which the employees of the university can pass sanatorium treatment.

The head of Aktobe regional organization of the Kazakhstan branch trade union of education and science Raushan Serikova presented 85 employees of Zhubanov University with letters of gratitude and monetary prizes.

Rector Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov told about the achievements of Zhubanov University, thanked teachers and graduates for their great contribution to the development of the university, and also awarded the best departments and faculties, which traditionally on the eve of Teacher’s Day are selected according to the results of the academic year:

The best faculty was the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics;

The second place is occupied by the Faculty of Pedagogy;

The third place is occupied by the Faculty of Technology.

The best department according to the results of KPI for 2019-2020 academic year was the department of “Psychological, Pedagogical and Special Education”, the second place was taken by the department of metallurgy, mining, oil and gas, the third – by the department of “Biology”.

As a gift to the best faculties and departments will be opened computer classes equipped with the latest technology.

In addition, at the festive event were announced the results of the competition “Zhubanov March”, announced in honor of the 85th anniversary of the University. Famous poets and composers of the republic, members of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan took part in it. The march was recognized as the best musical work. The authors of words and music were the poet, editor-in-chief of “Aktobe” newspaper Bauyrzhan Uteuliev and excellent cultural worker Oral-Kosai Baysengir. The winners received 400,000 tenge.

The festive event was completed with a new Zhubanov March, which became a kind of symbol of unity, development and movement forward of all those who proudly bear the name “Zhubanov team”.