Tuesday, May 28, 2024


A series of festive events dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the university continued at Zhubanov University. The leading university of the Western region gathered friends, partners and Maecenas. The festive event was attended by public figures and businessmen who contribute to the development of education and science.

Welcoming the guests, Rector Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov told about the history of Zhubanov University, which dates back to the opening of the two-year Teacher Training Institute for secondary school teachers in 1934. Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov noted that during its history Zhubanov University has reached certain heights, today it occupies a stable 4th place among universities of Kazakhstan and actively represents itself in the international arena.

Today Zhubanov University is more than 15 thousand students, 131 branches of university departments, 150 partner universities and educational organizations of the USA, Europe, Asia and CIS countries, 6 educational buildings, 4 Houses of Students, Student Polyclinic, Park of Innovative Technologies, 30 research centers and laboratories, 6 scientific libraries, Palace of Students, Palace of Youth, 7 sports complexes and playgrounds, Center for Student Initiatives, Center for Student Service. If in 2017 the university budget was 3.5 billion tenge, in 2020 – already 5 billion tenge. On behalf of the Head of State the official salary of the faculty was increased by 50% in September-October, the average salary is 233 thousand tons.

In addition, within the framework of the project “Zhubaanovka  Zhomarttyk” in recent years, the patrons have allocated to the university about 200 million tenge. Endowment funds were used to open and equip classrooms and laboratories, grants and scholarships for students. This academic year 72 students are studying at the expense of sponsors for a total of 33.5 million tenge.

Within the framework of festive celebrations devoted to the anniversary of the University and the project “Zhubanovka Zhomarttyk” 10 more patrons of art awarded grants to students to the amount of 3 million KZT and allocated 1 million KZT to equipment the office of Umbetbay Uaidin.

Among those who support students: Director of the public fund “Kabak Baba” Amantai Umbetai, chairman of the fund “Shekti Tileu Batyr Aituly” Kanatbai Eleusizuly, entrepreneur, veteran of labor Bakytkerey Admanov, entrepreneur Yerkingali Kupenov, Director of DAB LTD Miras Imanbaev, Director of “ASU-ECO” LLP Serik Utegenov, member of the regional society “Kazakh tili” Roman Rakhiev, associate professor of “Theory and Methodology of Physical Culture” Seitkerey Mukhtarov and many others.

Present at the solemn meeting sponsors, congratulated the university with the anniversary and expressed their willingness to continue supporting talented students, thus developing Kazakh education, culture and sports.

Eminent persons, Maecenas and teachers were awarded with anniversary medals,  K.Zhubanov medals , medals of veterans of work.