Friday, March 24, 2023
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Students Are Exploring Trends in IT

Today the Park of Innovative Technologies presented the latest programs and services for students’ classes.

Altynshash Bekbauova, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Digitalization, told in detail about the Oracle base, which helps to obtain theoretical and practical skills of network administration of the information system of the organization (management of network nodes, network protocols, directory services, etc.). Working with this base, the students will get an idea of the services provided by modern operating systems, their capabilities, and get an overview of the real architecture of complex software systems. For laboratory work, the use of physical and virtual machines created on the basis of Oracle Virtualbox, Windows Server, as well as several products for Unix – systems based on the GNU license. RAD Studio software environment was also presented, which allows creating and updating applications in the fastest way by using cloud services.

In turn, students – members of the IT-club Zhubanov University demonstrated skills in information technology and development to teach Actubians programming. Guys today are engaged in the development of games, mobile applications and chat bots; they study modern trends in the field of IT, such as Machine learning, Data science, Cybersecurity Computer Vision and are used in project development; they program in such modern languages as: C++, C#, Python, Java, PHP; record video lessons on CSS, Python, Django. And also use these video lessons in programming courses among schoolchildren. In addition, these materials will be used in the future as methodological assistance to young professionals.