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Aktobe Schoolers Became Owners of K. Zhubanov Grants

The first days of 2021 were especially successful for 9 Aktobe schoolers. Graduates of district and city schools, who best of all showed their knowledge in mathematics and physics, received K. Zhubanov grant and the opportunity to study at the university with 50, 35 and 20% discount.

The traditional Olympiad for schoolchildren began with the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. The 210 participants passed the test tasks in the format of UNT on the history of Kazakhstan, reading literacy, mathematical literacy and major subjects: mathematics and physics.

The “Zhubanov Olympiad” will continue until January 12. Experts in biology, geography, chemistry, history, law, music, choreography, literature, Kazakh, Russian and English will be selected. The best will receive grants to study at Zhubanov University.