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Zhubanov University Scientists’ Developments for the Development of the Region

A young scientist of  Zhubanov University has developed a project for wastewater treatment using waste from CHPP production. The technology of cleaning on the basis of granulated sludge can be used by various industrial companies in the region, if desired.

Nuriya Aikenova, a teacher at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, has been doing research for three years. During this time she has conducted serious physical and chemical research on the application of the development at oil companies.

– Currently, experimental research on adsorption treatment of wastewater with carbonate sludge in the laboratory was conducted, the technological scheme of purification was designed, and the main devices used in this technological scheme were calculated. The economic efficiency of introducing this technology into production is calculated in advance. The project is practically ready for implementation.

Development on the basis of production wastes is of great practical and scientific importance today. In addition, traditionally used technological schemes of wastewater treatment are now morally and physically obsolete and do not meet the high requirements for water quality. Therefore, the improvement of wastewater treatment technologies using effective integrated solutions is an urgent task.

Guzel Abilova is engaged in no less urgent research. Zhubanov University scientist develops new eye dosage forms based on hydrophilic polymers. The benefit of hydrophilic polymers is that they allow active pharmaceutical substances to remain on the mucosal surfaces of the eye for a long time. Thus making any treatment more productive:

– Hydrophilic polymers allow active drug substances to stay on the mucosal surfaces of the eye for a long time. This greatly increases the time the drug stays in the eye and ensures controlled delivery of the drug over an extended period of time.

According to the researchers, currently in Kazakhstan, ophthalmic drugs are mostly represented by imported manufacturers. In addition, eye films (inserts) are practically not used by Kazakhstan doctors, despite the clear advantages and merits of this type of product and its wide use in foreign medical practice. This scientific project is being developed by a scientist  of Aktobe Regional University together with Vitaly Khutoryansky, a professor of drug formulation Reading University (UK).

These and other projects were presented at the exhibition of scientific achievements of scientists and students of Zhubanov Aktobe Regional University, including: developments of employees of the scientific school of physicists Professor Kuanyshbek Shunkeyev; results of archaeological research on the Aktobe region for 2019-2020; work on the production of refractory bricks based on diatomite, breeding new varieties of cucumbers, etc.

The scientists of the university told about the research on unpredictable solutions of differential equations; creation of a multifunctional Web-application of Abay’s works; development of scientific and technological principles for creating fireproof epoxy composites, etc.

The results of scientific activity of students of Zhubanov University were presented by achievements on international contests and republican Olympiads. Numerous models printed by the students on 3D-printer, robots written by them in different programming languages (chat-bots, numbers recognition, etc.), electronic exhibition of the results of IT Club circle work posted on YouTube-channel were also demonstrated. Students of the Faculty of Pedagogy, studying at the “Zerek” Children’s Educational Center at Zhubanov University, demonstrated their simulators and developmental games.

Young researchers of Zhubanov University presented their works on chemistry, programming, robotics, construction and drawing. Children with a passion for foreign languages tried their hand as real translators, and the students of the Children’s University, working in the field of chemistry, showed soap and antiseptic of their own production to the audience.

Speaking about the results of research work of the university it is worth to mention that in 2020 the researchers of the K. Zhubanov ARU won 7 projects of grant financing of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK for the total sum of 160 million tenge. At the same time 4 projects of applied direction. For comparison, in 2019 only 20 million tenge was allocated for 3 projects. The largest number of projects was submitted from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics and the Faculty of Philology. For the first time the university won the project of philological direction, where the themes related to the works of Abay were presented competently. In the near future, the idea will be implemented in a multifunctional Web application of the works of Abay.

According to Lyudmila Myasnikova, director of the Department of Science, the success of physicists is the result of the work of the scientific school of Professor Kuanyshbek Shunkeyev:

– The maturity of this school can also be seen in the fact that the direction led by Associate Professor Amirbek Bekeshev, whose members are engaged in the development of scientific and technological principles of creating fireproof epoxy composites with improved performance characteristics with the introduction of micro dispersed diorite, has sprung up and begins to develop independently.

A completely new direction for mathematicians at Zhubanov University is being developed by Madina Tleubergenova, the head of the Mathematics Department. The scientist and her team won a grant on unpredictable solutions to differential equations.

The project of young scientists under the leadership of Professor by Daulet Sergeyev “Research of quantum-transport characteristics of nanosystems with unique operational electrical and magnetic properties” is on special account. It is in it the composition of the research group is completely young. This gives a guarantee that the scientific projects at Zhubanov University will continue.