Friday, March 24, 2023
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Zhubanov University Will Become a Green University

The idea of students of Zhubanov University, presented at the “Zhubanovshylar bastamalary” contest, interested eco-activists of the city and will continue the large-scale project “Green University”.

Participants of the student volunteer organization developed a project on separate garbage collection and installation of special bins in the academic buildings of Zhubanov University. The idea was announced in the competition for the best university social project.

Leader of community “Aktobe, breathe!”, deputy of regional maslikhat – Eugene Lazarchuk and regional representative of ECO Network in Aktobe – Aiman Seksenova were interested in the project of participants of “EcoARU” movement. ECO Network, which appeared in Almaty at the end of 2018, brought together almost 100 organizations in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Taldykorgan and Aktobe, which implemented the “Green Office” project. Employees of these companies sort household waste, pay attention to saving water and electricity, and some have completely abandoned disposable plastic dishes. Now Zhubanov University will develop an eco-culture as well.

Aiman Seksenova, the regional representative of ECO Network in Aktobe, herself a graduate of Zhubanov University, was pleased to note that her alma mater is introducing the separate collection according to Eco Network standards, and thanked the leader of the “EcoARU” movement, student Aigerim Safiyeva, for the fact that she is not just concerned about ecology, but also builds important communications, “Together we have held several Saturday work, and more work to come”, she stressed.

The known eco-activist Evgeny Lazarchuk, now the deputy of regional maslikhat also has assured of full support and the maximum cooperation with higher education institution both in this project, and in others.

Yesterday students and administration of Department of Youth Politics met with ecoactivists on discussing the questions of development of eco-culture among youth, and today company ECO Network, which expressed the wish to support the project, delivered about 50 eco-boxes to the university. So far eco-volunteers of the University have installed the boxes in the main building, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, but in the future the bins for separate waste collection will be installed in all buildings and student houses. This will be the first step toward opening an ECO Network “Green Office” in Zhubanov University and developing the university as a “Green University.