Friday, March 24, 2023
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Devoted to Their Work

What are the similarities between someone who developed nickel-chromium-containing iron smelting technology and preparing athletes for the Olympics? If there are similarities between a specialist who creates fire-safe epoxy composites; who studies the place of family ritual in the context of intangible heritage theory; or who teaches mathematics in English?

All have published dozens of scholarly articles, have a high Hirsch Index, and are respected by colleagues and students.

All are dedicated to their work!

Today, the University’s Best Teachers 2020 awards ceremony took place. Zhubanov University was represented on the honorary list by: Igor Spivak-Lavrov-Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor; Rakhym Beknazarov- Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor; Tulegen Botagariev- Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor; Amirbek Bekeshev-candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor; Bauyrzhan Kelamanov-candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor; Madina Tleubergenova-candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Gulmira Shangytpaeva-PhD Doctor.

Acting Rector Rakhym Beknazarov congratulated the best teachers with a great victory, congratulated all those present with the holiday Nauryz and announced the good news about the payment of salary bonuses to the university staff.

Participants of celebratory meeting also accepted congratulations from the head of Ministry of Education of the RK. During the video conference Askhat Aimagambetov thanked teachers of Kazakhstan for their hard work and wished them wellbeing and success on the eve of Nauryz holiday. Addressing to the best teachers the Minister marked out the key aspects of development and increase of prestige of the higher education in the country, realized only by joint work and active position of real professionals, who are, particularly, prize-winners of competition ” Best University Teacher “.

Recall that 150 people from 48 universities won the national contest “The best teacher of the university-2020” (there were 623 contenders from 73 universities in the country). Teachers’ activity was estimated according to actualized qualitative and quantitative indexes of assessment of work of the contenders which consisted of two blocks: I block – quality of teaching, II block – research activity.

For the first time this year to eliminate subjectivity the submission of applications for participation in the “Best teacher of the university-2020”, the procedure of examination of the documents, as well as the appeal was carried out by means of information system of the MES RK in the online mode. Obtained scores of applicants were published in the information system and gave applicants the opportunity to review the results of the competition online.

The winners of the competition will have the opportunity to undertake internships at leading universities around the world in order to conduct research and professional development.