Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Certified Teachers

Zhubanov University faculties have completed their graduation parade. Today young teachers celebrated the graduation. Even before the official celebration, graduates of pedagogical faculty thanked their supervisors, remembered bright moments of student life, shared their plans for the future, read their poems, moved a little to the inflammatory rhythms and together with dean Zhanna Zhusupova performed the symbolic song “Ұstazym” in the format of open microphone.
Then, in a festive atmosphere, 238 young specialists received their long-awaited diplomas, 81 of them received diplomas with high marks.
One of the first pedagogical high schools of the Republic and now the biggest pedagogical faculty of Aktobe Regional University for its history has graduated thousands of teachers who productively work in different parts of the country, in the countries of near and far abroad. Today, at a ceremony, representatives of the Alumni Association congratulated the newly graduated specialists with the graduation of the university. Bright road and conscientious work in a noble profession wished the young people Director of Aktobe psychological, medical and pedagogical consultation Raihan Akhmetova and teacher of the highest category of primary classes of a branch of the department “Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education” secondary grammar school № 21 Zhanylsyn Zharylgasova.
Good wishes to the graduates were also addressed by Bibigul Abenova, Advisor to the Rector on Academic Affairs of Zhubanov University, and Laura Karabasova, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, by the way also a graduate of Zhubanov University. Dean of the Pedagogical Faculty Zhanna Zhusupova separately congratulated graduates Aida Sultanova and Luiza Puzaneva, who received additional specializations in defectology, pedagogy and methodology of primary education under the program of two-diploma education.
Today the pedagogical faculty is training specialists in “social pedagogy and tutor”, “special pedagogy”, “pedagogy and methodology of primary education”, “pre-school education and upbringing”, “psychology and management of education”. Since this year the new top courses “cyberpedagogics” and “clinical psychology” were opened. For quality education, practice and self-development, the faculty has “Zerek” child development center, “Sholpi” national educational center for girls, “Inclusive Education” office, “Applied Psychology” laboratory and much more.