Monday, March 27, 2023
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Creative Applicants Show Their Skills

You passed the UNT successfully – you collected the documents – you got into the university. Not for creative kids. Those who want to get higher education in choreography, music, design and sports need to show all their abilities already when entering.

Today the creative exams started at Zhubanov University. 300 novice athletes pass the standards for general physical training.  More than 200 applicants take examinations in the performing arts, the basics of organizational and staging work, practical work in the art of the ballet master, drawing, painting and drawing. Among the applicants are graduates of art and music schools as well as newcomers to the arts.

Olga Telyukh, a graduate of the City Art Lyceum, is enrolled in the “design” educational program in order to pursue her hobby, but she has no grand plans yet, but dreams of becoming a qualified tattoo artist. According to the girl, vocational education will only help in this. Balzhan Artygaliyeva is attracted by graphic design and the opportunity to design in the future, she also decided to turn her passion for drawing into a profession.

Creative exams for those wishing to become students of the professional and creative faculty will be held until July 13.