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Athletes of K. Zhubanov University visited Orenburg

From March 14 to March 17, 2018 the delegation led by the head of “Physical Culture and Sport” department of K. Zhubanov University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor T.A. Botagariyev visited Orenburg State Pedagogical University. Senior lecturer of the department Zeybel V.I., lecturer Bekmagambetov O., students of the 4th course Senatsky A., Vasyukhnevich S. and third-year students Shalpakov A., Smadyar M. were the members of the delegation.

During the trip the team of students participated in the international student’s Olympiad and took the second place. According to the program of the Olympiad the students took tests in “Theory and Technique of Physical Culture”, played street ball (basketball), showed the video about out-of-class work, a fragment of the technique of conducting a lesson in physical culture, participated in 60 m running and relay race (4х200 m).

The lecturers took training in “Modern Concepts of Sports Education in Russia”. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor Botagariyev T.A. delivered a lecture on the subject “Development of the Higher and Secondary Education in Kazakhstan in Physical Culture: state, problems and prospects of development”. The arrangement on preparation of joint education guide books, monographs was also designated. During the visit consultations on the development of the joint educational program for specialties “Physical Culture and Adaptive Physical Culture”, a scientific consultation of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor of OSPU Korovin S.S. for lecturer Bekmagambetov O.A. concerning his enrollment to OSPU postgraduate study were held.

In general, during the trip the delegation of K. Zhubanov ARSU achieved the planned purposes set by the “Physical Culture and Sport” department during the conferences, online seminars with Orenburg State Pedagogical University held earlier. Lecturers and students adopted the best practices of the Russian higher education institution, shared their own experience and planned further ways for cooperation between the Universities.