Friday, June 2, 2023
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79 zhubanov residents received scholarships from the akim of the region

Today, talented young people were honored at Zhubanov University. Rector Laura Karabasova congratulated the holders of the nominal scholarship of the akim of the region. This year, 75 students of Zhubanov University and 2 students of a Higher college became them, who proved with their work and active position that they are the best.

“I am proud of students like you. Our duty is to support young people who are passionate about studying, innovation, and social life. I thank your parents for raising such children,” said Laura Karabasova.

Nurayim Ordabayeva, a student of the Faculty of History, has been applying for the akim scholarship for the second year, this year luck smiled on her: “It’s nice when your academic success does not go unnoticed. Such financial support is always welcome.” Among the lucky scholarship holders is a sophomore of the professional and creative faculty, Zarlyk Kolkanat. The winner of the republican and regional jiu-jitsu tournaments shared that he was very glad to be among the fellows.

In total, 175 Aktobe students were awarded scholarships by the head of the region. In particular, 145 students of higher educational institutions received scholarships in the amount of 160,000 tenge and 30 students of vocational education institutions – 80,000 tenge each.

The scholarship of the akim of the region has been awarded since 2017. It is awarded to talented young people, including those from socially vulnerable segments of the population, who have good academic performance and actively participate in public life.