Friday, March 24, 2023
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Student tickets have been converted to electronic format

Student cards of Zhubanov University students have been transferred to an electronic format. The document is available on the eGov website and in the eGov mobile mobile application.

The digital Documents service for storing personal electronic documents is available on the main page of the eGov mobile e-government application. An electronic student ID card with other personal documents of the student is available inside this service. The mobile app can be downloaded via Google Play and AppStore. In the application, you need to log in using an EDS or a one-time password.

It is worth noting that in recent years, an electronic document management system has been launched at Zhubanov University, and a number of documents have been translated into electronic format. At the same time, a unified database of students and staff has been formed at the university. Currently, the services of the student service center of ARU “Temirkazyk” can be obtained online through the Smart ARU mobile application. In this regard, students and teaching staff have no problems with obtaining certificates of study, work, obtaining electronic student cards, transcripts and certificates for the payment center. Also available in electronic format are: library fund, student questionnaires, class schedules, attendance monitoring, job referrals, transfer and reinstatement to universities, booking places in dormitories, registration of students in student self-government organizations, student clubs and clubs, participation in new projects.