Friday, June 2, 2023
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The best higher educational institution “Zhasyl el”

Zhubanov University became the winner of the nomination “The best higher educational institution” of the project “Zhasyl el”.

Recently, the results of the XVII season of student construction and labor teams “Zhasyl El” were summed up. At the closing ceremony, the best headquarters, active fighters of labor detachments were awarded a trip to the capital, letters of thanks from the akim of the region.

This year, 1,050 college and university students aged 16 to 29 worked in the project. They took part in landscaping, landscaping, construction of facilities. The peculiarity of this labor season is the increase in wages. According to the chairman of the youth detachments Nurlybek Musin, it increased by 30 percent and amounted to 85-95 thousand tenge.

By the efforts of the young, more than 70 tons of garbage were removed, more than 800 thousand elm, maple, willow, currant, sucker and other trees were planted in the Magadan nursery.