Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Psychological service opened at Zhubanov University

In addition to professional knowledge and skills, the psychological health and well-being of employees and students is of great importance for productive work and study. Students and staff of Zhubanov University will be able to undergo personal therapy, participate in closed therapeutic groups, and unlock their potential at trainings and seminars.

The task of the psychological service is to contribute to the successful development of personality and the formation of harmonious, conscious relationships with oneself and other people.

Students and teachers can work out problems that interfere with their well-being, happiness or efficiency. The most common topics are: unstable emotional state, relationships, stress, self-esteem, appearance, anxiety, loss, etc.

Specialists provide psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance in a safe and confidential atmosphere.

individual counseling of students and teachers;

group therapy for students in open and closed groups;

psychological diagnostics;

trainings and seminars on various topics.

You can ask a question to the psychologists of the Zhubanov University service or sign up for a training here:

Zhandos Nurlybai @nur_jandos

Dina Bekenova @dina_bekenovaa

Anna Gnidenko @anna.gnidenko_psy

Mansia Baubekkyzy @mansiya_baubek