Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Art keeps up with the times

Zhubanov University continues to introduce Aktobe residents to the elite art of the ex-libris and popularize the work of artists from all over the world. This time, the university has become a platform for an exhibition of works by an artist from Turkey.

Nurgul Arikan is the author of more than 350 books, participant of 70 international exhibitions and competitions. The artist’s works often appear in newspapers, magazines and books in different countries. Nurgul Arikan’s ex—libris is a unique combination of graphic art and typography.

Nurgul Arikan lives in Istanbul and works in his studio in Göktürk on orders of graphics, bookplates and professional photographs. She also teaches graphics, creative art and typography to students.

According to the organizer of the exhibition, professor of art history, candidate of Cultural Studies at Zhubanov University Marzia Zhaksygarina, the artist’s works are interesting because she represents an ex-libris in graphic design, and this is a vivid example of how art keeps up with the times.

Aktobe artists, students, teachers and students of art schools attended the opening of the exhibition. The guests thanked the organizers for a significant event not only for students, but also for all residents of the city who had the opportunity to see the work of a foreign master.

Those who want to get to know the art of the ex-libris can visit the exhibition at the Palace of Students of the University of Zhubanov absolutely free of charge daily from 9 to 18.00.