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Celebration of creation and continuity of generations

Colorful yurt, nauryz kozhe boiling in a cauldron, golden baursaks, national clothes and dombra sounds… Today, a festive atmosphere prevailed at every faculty.

March 14 is a special day for residents of the Western region of Kazakhstan. On this day, Korisu is celebrated — a symbol of spring renewal, the triumph of love, fertility and friendship, respect for elders, care for neighbors.

On this occasion, an ethno team building was organized at Zhubanov University. Students and teachers jointly organized theatrical performances, musical numbers, competed in national games and, of course, greeted each other in the spirit of tradition, exchanging handshakes.

Rector Laura Karabasova, who as an honorary guest attended the celebrations in all academic buildings of the university, also addressed the Zhubanovites with the wish of peace and kindness.