Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Continuity of university and school

Currently, in the field of education, much attention is paid to strengthening ties between universities and schools. As a result of this connection, if teachers exchange experiences and improve their skills, it is clear that students will be interested in science and will be able to choose the right profession.

Zhubanov University has extensive contacts with schools in our city. Some of them are Aktobe Regional Specialized Boarding School for Gifted Children named after M. Kusainov, Al-Farabi Specialized Gymnasium №21, Gymnasium № 51, Noviy Secondary School-Lyceum. Symbat BoardingSschool for Gifted Children, “KAZGUU school – gymnasium and college” LLC.

Today students of these schools visited Zhubanov University. They got acquainted with the work of modern research centers of the university, visited the park of innovative technologies, a greenhouse complex and the library of the technical faculty.

In addition, students of the Center for Child Development “Zerek”, established at the Faculty of Pedagogy, presented their skills in robotics, fine arts, research, etc. presented research projects in the following areas: It’s worth noting that this center has been working at our university since 2019.