Friday, July 12, 2024
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Academic Writing – Open education

Currently, the country pays priority attention to the issues of quality education, since the strategic resource of the XXI century is the ability of a person to competently apply the acquired academic knowledge.

Academic subscription is especially widely used in higher education institutions and students. The training of Kazakh youth in foreign educational institutions, the implementation of scientific projects by students, the conduct of complex scientific research by students and undergraduates indicates that all this did not cancel, but even increased the importance of writing.

Today, a workshop dedicated to the analysis of this problem of academic writing took place at Zhubanov University.

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor Bibigul Abenova noted that any student who is not indifferent to science, who is vigilant in order to become a professional in the future, should be attentive to the quality of academic writing. He noted that academic writing is a style of presentation of scientific papers, the ability to clearly, clearly express their thoughts.

During the meeting, it was noted that university students should be able to competently write scientific articles, research projects, term papers, theses, master’s, doctoral dissertations and even expert analyses about a particular work.

In the training workshop, scientists Alibek Aman, Alexander Perevezentsev, applicants Akmaral Aidarova, Aidana Kulmanova, Akniet Tauirbay and students conducted practical work on the annotation, the text of the article, bibliographic apparatus, essay writing, etc.