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TEDx mini conference

Faculty of foreign languages organized and conducted TEDx mini conference within the week of science on the 11th of April 2018. The abbreviation TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. This project was created for smart and famous people to spread their unique ideas. The mission and slogan of the project is “Ideas worth spreading”. At different time TED conferences were the first place where people saw Macintosh computer, where people heard about global warming and artificial intellect. Nowadays TEDtalks are very popular and important all around the world.

At the conference held at our faculty the speakers were students of foreign languages faculty and Nathan Lawler, International Deputy Principal at Nazarbayev Intellectual School. The conference moderator was teacher of the English and German languages department Ussenova Saule. Mr. Nathan Lawler described his experience of teaching English and his life lessons learned from living in Kazakhstan. He has been living in Kazakhstan for six years and has come to the conclusion that young people in our country have deeper respect to older generations, to elderly people in comparison with the US or any other country. Second year student Shangereeva Saule talked about the materialization of thought and its importance in our life. The theme of the 3rd year student of the specialty “Foreign language: two foreign languages” Assylov Nursultan was “How to memorize 2000 words in two days”. He dwelt on some techniques of fast and effective memorizing foreign words. The speech of Tanzharikova Aidana, 3rd year student was of special interest to students as she shared her travelling experience in Europe. She told how students could visit five European cities with minimal expenses; it cost only 150 euros for her. The concluding talk was presented by 2nd year student Kulmanova Saule who spoke on importance of self-development,self-education for students and young people and her own experience on the issue.

TEDx conference was very interesting, important and informative for students and guests.