Sunday, June 23, 2024
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“Temirkazyk” Student Service Center expands its activity

More than 15 types of service have been added to “Temirkazyk” Student Service Center at K. Zhubanov University: issue of business trip certificates and adoption of the reports; issue of academic records; issue of records to dismissed students; job placements to graduates and their registration; acceptance of applications for service (change of a name, a surname, a middle name) in academic documents and resolutions on the basis of the University, issue of the documents certifying primary education (the certificate, the diploma); obtaining applications for receiving a free education grant; issue of the certificate of special and institutional accreditation of educational programs; recovery of the dismissed students to the place of study; reception of an application about the study leave; registration of an exit to the academic holiday; registration of the return from the study leave; preparation and delivery of identification cards of students and employees; adoption of applications from students and employees addressed to the Rector; issue of the record sheets.

Earlier 10 different types of services on “one stop” principle were provided in SSC in the educational and educational, military and mobilization directions, passport office and accounting and reporting.

“Temirkazyk” Center was opened in accordance with the State-of the-Nation Address of the Head of State “New opportunities of development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution” and “Digital Kazakhstan” state program. The purpose of work of this center is development of information transparency in anti-corruption process, optimization of service and formation of culture of mutual respect.

Specialists of “The Government for Citizens” corporation of SSC held a special training seminar on the work with the portal of the electronic government for lecturers, students and employees.

During the seminar the information on how to receive the digital signature, how to save time when receiving the state online services was presented.

At the moment specialists of the Center continue work on providing consultations to students on the work with the portal of “Electronic government”.

In the near future opening of the self-service place where the teaching staff and students will be able to receive online services on the portal of “The electronic government” by means of the digital signatures is planned.

It should be noted that in SSC (Student Service Center) more than 9 thousand services have been provided for students as of today. The schedule of services makes up 5-10 minutes and services can be received in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. SSC works all day, Saturday and Sunday are the days off.

  1. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional State University is the only one in Aktobe region where the Student Service Center is available.