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Students of the “Rosetta Stone”  program were awarded by certificates

On June 28, 2018, the Center for International Cooperation awarded certificates to 26 teachers of the Zhubanov University who successfully completed the initial and intermediate levels of the English language course through the distance program “Rosetta Stone Advantage”. From November 2017 to May 2018, under this program, teachers from each faculty underwent online courses in the amount of 72 hours. The course participants expressed a desire to continue to engage in this program and thereby improve their level in the foreign language.

Rosetta Stone is a software product designed for teaching foreign languages ​​using a computer, developed and manufactured by Rosetta Stone Inc. The name of the program and its logo refer to the Rosetta Stone, which enabled linguists to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs. Rosetta Stone uses a combination of text, images and sound, so that the learner memorizes words and grammar intuitively, without using dictionaries. In product advertising, it is said that this is the same way of learning that people learn their first language. To date, many students and teachers of our university study a foreign language using the program  of Rosetta Stone. Also during the seminar the teachers told about the optimal ways to use the intellectual system Rosetta Stone in teaching English and in elective subjects with training in English. At the end of the seminar, an online interview was conducted with the representative of Rosetta Stone Incorporation for the CIS countries, Mr. Ilyinsky, and the workshop participants, asking questions of interest, received full information on the Rosetta Stone program.